Cocker Spaniel Club of the ACT


Below is a list of the different Parti-colour and solid colours for Cocker Spaniel Breed.  Images obtained from Powerscourt Cocker Spaniels.

Please note that the Sable colour is not recognised by ANKC.

Parti-Colours (Roans & Open Marked)

Dark Blue Roan Blue Roan Steel Blue Roan Mid Blue Roan Mid Blue Roan
Light Blue Roan Dark Blue Roan & Tan Steel Blue Roan & Tan Silver Blue Roan & Tan Light Blue Roan & Tan
Black & White Ticked Balck White Ticked & Tan Black & White Tri-colour Orange Roan
Orange & White Ticked Orange & White  Lemon Roan Dark Liver Roan Liver Roan
Light Liver Roan Liver Roan & Tan Liver White Ticked & Tan Liver & White Ticked Liver & White
Liver, White & Tan        


Solid Colours

Black Black & Tan Red Gold Light Gold
Liver Liver & Tan      

Contact Details

Marcia Kingston - Secretary
Yass, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0418 667322
Email : [email protected]