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To all members and friends of the Cocker Spaniel Club of the ACT Inc.


Following the 2020 AGM on Saturday 26th September 2020, we are pleased to announce the new Committee:


President: Garry Douglas

Vice-President: Sue McFadden

Secretary: Marcia Kingston

Treasurer: Debbie Douglas

Committee: Wendy Drekovic, Mick Drekovic, Karleen Bennett.

Patrons: Karleen Bennett, Linda Buckley

Show Secretary: Sue McFadden

Trophy Steward: Wendy Drekovic

Website/Newsletter: Sue McFadden

Puppy Officer: Debbie Douglas


Our website and FB page are in the process of being updated, but we wanted everyone to know the outcomes of the AGM as soon as possible.


The new Committee is looking forward to the year ahead for your ACT based breed club.


Many thanks to all those who attended the AGM and the general meeting after it.


Best wishes to the outgoing committee.



Marcia Kingston





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Marcia Kingston - Secretary
Theodore, ACT, Australia
Phone : 0418 667322
Email : [email protected]

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